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Coolsculpting in Tucson – Non-Surgical Fat Removal

Dr. Dyson often sees patients who express their frustration with certain parts of their bodies that do not respond to diet or exercise. Such as love handles, bra volume, inner thighs and stomach. Coolsculpting is an emerging technology that was approved by the FDA to specifically identify and kill fat cells by freezing them. Unlike other devices, Coolsculpting will not harm other cells and patients often see a reduction of 20 to 30 percent in the amount of fat in targeted areas. The best part – no downtime, no anesthesia, no recovery. Treatments take 60-90 minutes per area.


Who Is A Candidate?

Coolsculpting is not as aggressive as surgical liposuction. If you are generally in shape and want to target specific areas, call Dyson Dermatology for a free consult to find out if Coolsculpting is a good choice to resculpt these areas without surgery. People who suffer from obesity, pregnant women, and those with weak immune system are usually not good candidates.



How Does Coolsculpting Work?

A hand piece will be placed to target fat cells in the body areas that were pre-defined. While your fat is being frozen, you can read, rest or watch a movie. Once the treatment is done, your body will begin a natural process of removing the dead fat cells that can take several weeks. The end result? losing 1-2 sizes in your pants, for example, once the process is completed.

How Many Coolsculpting Treatments Will I Need?

Patients generally need only two treatments 30 days apart. You will probably see a reduction in the areas treated as early as 6 weeks. However, the process to completion usually takes about 3-4 months after the second treatment.


Is Coolsculpting Safe?

Since its approval by the FDA five years ago, Coolsculpting was used in the U.S. and abroad on hundreds of thousands of patients with no serious side effects. Dr. Dyson has seen great results with patients in Tucson and Green Valley offices.

Schedule a free consultation with our experts at Dyson Dermatology and we will examine each of the concern areas and see if we can harness the power of Coolsculpting to achieve the results you expect. Email us at info@dysondermatology.com or call us at (520) 625-0800 to schedule an appointment.